Other Students are volunteering to help the social business and gain experience on the field. Any further application is welcomed!

25 Jana
After graduating from High School, Jana took a gap year to figure out what she wants to study. She volunteered in the South of Ghana for three month before she decided to join StarShea. Within 4 months she supported the team, got to know the structure of a social business and learned about the daily life of a woman in the StarShea network.
“ My internship at StarShea was a very important step towards university. Working in a social business, being part of such a great team and working with these strong women has been an interesting, fascinating and formative experience. I learned about the link of macroeconomics within social projects, which I will reinforce in my studies. I am very grateful for everything learned within these 4 months. This is definitely not the last project in Africa I will work in. ”

24 Margaux
Margaux is a French student in international economics and development from Dauphine University, she has volunteered for Starshea during 6 months to support the team and contribute to the daily’s activities of Starshea Ltd.
“Working for Starhea onsite in Ghana has been a deeply interesting and challenging experience. Being able to meet the women, understand their day to day challenges and see how StarShea improves their lives and empower them was fascinating.”

Blandine :
Blandine is a French student from Essec Business School. Specialized in social entrepreneurship and impact investment, she has already worked for several social businesses in Burkina Faso and France. Blandine has spent 3 months in the StarShea team, she has done research concerning improvement of butter processing in order to increase women’s revenue.
” These three months working for StarShea went by very quickly! I really enjoyed contributing to the enduring growth of the social business by designing and assessing several business scenarios. This was an exciting and highly rewarding challenge, especially since I was able to meet women producers in rural villages, and get an on-the-ground, immediate feeling of the goal of my mission: improve their livelihood on a sustainable basis.!”


During the whole project and in a long term perspective to support StarShea Ltd, SAP is providing fellows and volunteers in different capacities who have greatly contributed to the success of the initiative. Some of them are quoted below:

19 Susanne

Susanne Knopp
In the first half of 2010, as part of a Top Talent initiative from SAP AG in Waldorf (Germany), Susanne led the StarShea project full time as a fellow. Her task was to conceptualize and design the project, and to coordinate the development of two open source software products. For this, she spent several weeks onsite, working with key stakeholders aligning the project, rolling in requirements, and to train end users.
“It was a unique experience leading the StarShea project. The willingness to improve the lives of so many women was an extraordinary motivation for everyone involved in the project. I was thankful having had the chance to work onsite together with the local team in Ghana. The different business environment as well as the intercultural experience, gave me a new perspective on the project, not to mention priceless insights into working in a cross-cultural environment.”

20 Shoo
As an SAP fellow as Strategic Sustainability Consultant in 2011. During the 6 months of the full time fellowship, Soo has focused on business development to convert the Shea Project into a sustainable business by setting up a volunteering employee network in addition to securing initial financial investment. Soo went personally to visit the StarShea network women and witness the excitement of rolling out SAP technology which connects them to the global economy.
“It has been great to see how the social business plan has come to life with the support of all the passionate people coming together. This position provided me an opportunity to walk the talk as I believed in SAP’s vision – SAP helps the world run better and SAP helps to improve people’s lives. This was one of my most fulfilling endeavours in my career, by far, and also one of the most exciting and happy moments of my life. Here are my blogs that captured all the memories and lessons I learned through my first visit to Ghana.”

21 Andreas
Andreas Mermi
Andreas, an employee SAP AG in Waldorf (Germany), had the opportunity in 2012 to break new grounds and to support the StarShea Initiative full time as a fellow for half a year. Building on his experiences as IT Program and Project Manager, Andreas’ key task was to transform what started as the StarShea Initiative into the Social Business StarShea Ltd.
“Most rewarding for me was to experience on-site in Ghana the impact that StarShea creates by improving the life of the Shea collecting women and their families through connecting them to the global markets and paying them fair prices.”

22 Melania
Melania Domene is a sales executive from SAP France with extensive business development, sales and marketing experience in dynamic, highly competitive environments. She is currently the Global Account Director for GDF SUEZ. Since 2011, as part of SAP’s high potential programme, Melania volunteered for Starshea to develop the sales and reseller strategy. She has helped growing an international team of sales for key markets in France, Italy, Germany and the U.S. as well as providing coaching and feedback to the CEO of StarShea.
“StarShea is a fast growing young company with a business strategy based on sustainable objectives – it was a pleasure accompanying the first steps on the market with their ambitious team and share the successes that have been achieved in a very short time – year on year revenue growth of 365% in first year and 320% in the second year – no wonder with the excellent quality that we have been producing. I am proud that SAP supports sustainable companies!”

23 Peter
Peter Reil
Back in 2012, Peter took over the role as StarShea Ltd Marketing Team Lead as part-time full-year fellowship in the context of the Top Talent initiative sponsored by SAP AG, Waldorf, Germany. In doing so, he was member of the extended CEO office that supports the CEO of the social business on core tasks. Peter’s main mandate as Marketing Team Lead was to oversee all marketing activities and work closely with the CEO to help make the shea business a great success. Plus, building a powerful team of SAP volunteers to guarantee marketing support in the future.
“As a marketer at SAP, the support of the StarShea project provides me an excellent entrepreneurial platform to approach marketing processes more strategically. Plus, it’s a great work experience since the initiative ideally blends two important things: to help run the world better and to improve people’s lives – at least in Ghana. While being able to develop new personal skills and expand my network, I greatly appreciate the additional support from coworkers at SAP who enthusiastically volunteered for the project as well. StarShea’s success over the past few years has been a great team effort and I’m glad to be part of that journey.”

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