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Microfinance Institutions
Two local non-profit microfinance institutions (MFIs) are critical in the implementation and the long-term sustainability of the StarShea Network. The StarShea Network leverages the existing credit group structures created by the MFIs and greatly benefits from the presence and competencies of these two local organizations. The MFIs have been working with the women, organising them into village-level groups in order to provide them with credit. These existing structures act as a strong basis for group cooperation, and for the formation of new subgroups within the initiative. The group structure has been demonstrated stability to function effectively in the context of rural northern Ghana. These local partner MFIs’ ability to continuously provide non-financial services to their StarShea clients will contribute to the long-term financial sustainability of the initiative. The initiative will lead to an overall improvement of loan repayment rates. Contracts established between the buyers and the StarShea Network increases and stabilizes cash inflows. These cash inflows will allow the rural women to repay their loans, while contributing financially to the long-term financial solidity of the associations and the network.

Maata-N-Tudu (“Women of the North” in Hausa, MTA) is a non-governmental women’s membership organization operating in all the northern regions of Ghana. It is now one of the largest NGO-MFIs in northern Ghana, providing microfinance and other business and social services to its clients. MTA has a large presence in the rural north and has only recently been expanding into more urban areas. Its mission is to improve the situation of its members and their families by helping them to unite, work together, teach mutual self-help, provide training, as well as savings and loans.
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Grameen Ghana
Grameen Ghana (GG) is one of the leading NGO-MFIs in northern Ghana. The organization focuses on rural areas where nearly every household lives on under one US dollar a day. Its mission is to reduce poverty and injustice through collaborating with other partner organizations. GG acts in the areas of microfinance, food security, nutrition, and education. GG uses a diverse group lending methodology inspired by the Grameen Bank methodology to provide financial and complimentary non-financial services to its target clients.
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Jaksally is a Ghanaian NGO working in the Northern Region and in southern parts of the Upper West Region since 2004. It has been initiating many development projects in the Bole, Sawla-Tuna-Kalba, West Gonja, Wa South and East Gonja Districts. Its mission is to assist communities in creating sustainable livelihoods and improved living conditions by apprising the youth and women of opportunities and of their own potential. The organisation is involved in a wide range of activities, from microfinance for environmental enterprises, to the promotion of small private enterprises, capacity building for individuals, communities, institutions, CBO’s, water and sanitation, Health Education, HIV/Aids, and traditional tourism promotion.
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Technoserve is a nonprofit organization which has worked in more than 40 countries across Africa, Latin America and Asia. It develops business solutions to poverty by linking people to information, capital and markets. With more than four decades of proven results, its work is rooted in the idea that hardworking people can generate income, jobs and wealth for their families and communities. In Ghana, TechnoServe helps smallholder farmers improve the quality and quantity of their crops, linking them to more lucrative markets and training them in business skills. TechnoServe also helps businesses in key industries become more efficient and competitive, in turn increasing local employment and contributing to diversified economic growth. Through a national business plan competition, they mentor aspiring entrepreneurs across a range of sectors, helping them develop and finance their business ideas.
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