Shea Butter

Quick Facts

• Premium-Quality Unrefined and Refined Shea Butter (for both, production capacity 180 MT 2012, 200 MT 2013)
• Premium-Quality Organic Certified Unrefined and Refined Shea Butter (2013 estimated capacity 40 MT)
• Premium-Quality Fair Trade Certified Unrefined and Refined Shea Butter (2013 estimated capacity 40 MT)

Key Features of StarShea Butter
• Samples tested to ensure consistent, high-quality butter
• Traceable to individual women´s groups
• Processed with premium quality nuts
• Using traditional handmade processing techniques that preserve all of the product’s therapeutic properties
• No chemicals are used in the production process

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High-Quality Shea Butter. Traditionally Handmade. Completely Pure.

Just what is shea butter? Where does it come from?
Shea butter (karité) is a natural fat extract taken from the nut of the shea tree – an oak-like tree found only in the arid savannah regions of Africa. Shea butter has been hand-crafted and used for centuries by Africans as a food oil, a therapeutic skin balm, and an intensive moisturizer. Pure or unrefined shea butter can be refined at various levels of intensity, from natural refinement using steam treatments, to chemical refinement using solvents such as hexane. The more rigorously the shea butter is refined, the greater the loss of the health-promoting qualities of the butter. Refinement is carried out in order to remove the natural color and scent of the shea butter, and to ensure consistency of the product, in preparation for industrial production processes of mass retail or confectionary use. However, pure unrefined shea butter, also referred to as raw, crude or virgin shea butter, has the highest content of the essential fatty acids and vitamins that give shea butter its health enhancing properties. Through a decentralized processing model, the StarShea Network produces shea butter in its purest form using traditional handmade processing techniques. A quality assurance system is applied to all StarShea Network members. StarShea refines butter on demand following the specifications of the client, thanks to a partnership with a renowned refinery in Europe.

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Processing Information
Shea butter is produced with improved quality nuts that have mainly been collected and processed by the women groups of the StarShea Network. All shea butter processors of the StarShea Network are also nut processors. Through training, the women have been taught how to improve their traditional techniques, from the collection of the nuts to the ideal packaging of the butter. They have been taken through all the processing stages to ensure that all steps are followed to produce top-quality butter.

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