Shea Nuts

Quick Facts

Key features:
• Samples tested to ensure consistently high-quality kernels
• Nuts traceable to individual women´s groups
• Organic / fair trade certification planned for 2013
• Production capacity: 400 MT in 2012, 650 to 800 MT in 2013

About Shea Trees
• The shea fruit resembles a plum in size and texture
• Yielding starts after 15 – 20 years of growth
• Yielding lasts up to 200 years after reaching maturity
• Average yield is 15 – 20 kilograms of fresh fruit per tree
• Each kilogram of fruit gives approximately 400 grams of dry seeds

• Premium quality shea nuts : production capacity 400 MT 2012, 650 800 MT 2013
• Premium quality organic certified shea nuts (2013)

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Wild Ghanaian Shea Trees Produce Our Premium-Quality Nuts

Processing Information
Shea nuts are collected by the women of the StarShea Network who have been trained in separating and processing premium quality kernels. They pick the nuts from the bush or from family farmlands or protected forests and hand-process them at the village level. The groups are located in high-density Shea areas in the north of Ghana, namely Gusheigu, Savelugu, Karaga, Nanumba North, West Mamprusi, Bole, Sawla/Tuna. See our communities on the map
Through training, the women have been taught how to improve their traditional techniques, from proper collection and handling of the nuts to the effective stocking of the kernels. This ensures that the kernels retain all of their health-enhancing qualities. The women have been trained in all processing stages to ensure the quality of the kernel is preserved at every critical step of production.

16 processing premium quality nuts

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