The Team

StarShea Ltd.’s office currently employs about 25 permanent staff.
Most of StarShea’s team is working on the field in 11 areas across Northern Ghana: registering and training women of the StarShea Network, organizing logistics, traceability and payment to the women. Office staff includes an accounting department and a marketing team.

The CEO of StarShea Ltd and StarShea International:

5 Anna

Anna Perinic
CEO, Starshea Ltd
Anna Perinic became StarShea Ldt CEO in April 2012. Since then she has reinforced and extended the Starshea Network all over the Northern Ghana and developed a market strategy to sustain and increase the woman source of revenue. Prior to joining StarShea Ltd, Anna Perinic spent 14 years in strategy consulting, mainly as partner of Mandragore. In 2007, she contributed to the implementation of the social business fund danone.communities. Later in 2009 Anna left for Senegal, where she first took over the technical support of the Laiterie du Berger (funded by danone.communities) and then developed the marketing strategy of a Senegalese SME, Chocosen involved in food processing and local value chain development. Anna speaks French, Croatian, English and German

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