The 4 StarShea Commitments

Quick facts:

Number of women: 15,000 *

Number of women’s groups: 716*

Nut collection areas: Gushegu, Savelugu, Karaga, Nanumba North, West Mamprusi, Bole, Sawla/Tuna, Bolga-Navrongo.

Spoken dialects: Dagbani, Komkomba, Manpurli, Dagaari, Wale, Frafra, etc.

Financing of Women Groups: two local microfinance institutions, Grameen Ghana and Maata-N-Tudu

* As per September, 2014

Purchase High-Quality Traceable Shea Products in Economic Quantities Directly from Rural Women of Ghana.
Read the StarShea brochure and learn how to buy responsibly and invest in a high-quality 100% natural product.

At StarShea, we are committed to offering our clients:
1. Premium Quality
2. Large Quantity
3. Traceability
4. Social Responsibility

1. Premium Quality

Buy responsibly and invest in a High-Quality, 100% Natural Product.

African women groups of the StarShea Network are trained and understand that producing high-quality, handcrafted pure shea products begins with the utmost care in picking and processing only the best raw shea nuts. At every stage of production, a dedicated trainer versed in the latest Shea quality control resources ensures the group’s focus on using high-quality inputs, clean tools, and following best practices.

The kernels and the butter are randomly tested to measure their quality parameters, and to verify that they are of international standard or higher, as set by specific buyers:
– FFA ( Free Fatty Acid Content)
– Peroxide values
– Moisture Content
– Unsaponifiable matter
We regularly collect and evaluate customer feedback using a traceability software, developed by SAP, to take precise action for continuous improvement.

Moreover, using traditional handmade processing techniques preserve all of the product’s therapeutic properties. No chemicals are used in the production process.
In addition, we certify a portion of our production; the intervention of independent certification bodies ensures an external control of our procedures and internal quality assurance system:
• Fair For Life certification by IMO : Fairtrade Certification
• EU Organic Certification by Ecocert
• NOP Organic Certification by Ecocert
• ESR Certification by Ecocert : Organic and Fairtrade Certification

Meticulous attention to quality assurance in the first stages of production makes all the difference in the quality and health benefits of the resulting organic shea premium products (oils, lotions, hair care products, etc.).

Learn more about the process of high quality Shea nuts and Shea butter
Do you want to learn more about the StarShea product? Have a look here, and do not hesitate to contact us.

2. Large Quantity

Buy industrial, economic quantity of shea products

For the 2014-2015 campaign, 15,000 women will pick and process premium shea nuts, improving their food security and economic status. 3,500 of them process the nuts into high-quality butter which can then be sold directly to international markets.

Nuts production capacity:
• 2012: 400 MT, 4,500 women
• 2013: 800 MT, 8,000 women
• 2014 :2,000 MT, 11,500 women
• 2015: 3,000 MT (expected)


• Premium-Quality Unrefined and Refined Shea Butter (sales of 62 metric tons in 2012, and sales of 150 metric tons in 2013)
• Premium-Quality Organic Certified Unrefined and Refined Shea Butter (2013 sales of 36 metric tons)
• Premium-Quality Fair Trade Certified Unrefined and Refined Shea Butter (2013 sales of 17 metric tons)


Two layers of polyethylene bags in cardboard boxes of 25kg
Preferred order quantities:
• 18 -20 MT (metric tons) for unrefined shea butter
• 16.5 to 18 MT for refined shea butter
• Minimum order quantity is 10 MT.
For smaller size orders (minimum of 500 kg) we work with reliable partners who can provide you with our full range of premium-quality unrefined or refined butter. Please contact us to connect with one of our partners.

Order preparation time: 4 weeks from order confirmation to Free on board (FOB) Tema

Pricing available for:
• Ex-Tamale
• FOB Tema
• CIF Europe or US port
• Includes volume discounts

Are you interested in our products? Do you want to know more about the StarShea offer? Find out more about what we offer and do not hesitate to contact us.

3. Traceability

StarShea’s processes are in place to ensure end-to-end traceability for each product. This fully traceable model is a hallmark of the company’s mission.

• Value chain solution that supports the logistics process around collection and transportation of nuts.
• RSM software (Rural Sourcing Management) developed by SAP enables timely tracking and production management (available quantity, logistics) from each processing woman to final delivery of the bag.
• Shea coordinators are equipped with a mobile phone, enabling scanning of the bags at the loading point.

Thanks to this smart and comprehensive system, StarShea is able to follow each bag of nuts, from the community it was picked to its clients processing into butter and storage. Each bag or box of butter is equipped with barcodes that identify the woman producer and also its quality (regular/organic/Fairtrade etc).

Thus, StarShea is able to identify any potential issues in the production in order to isolate nuts or butter that falls short of expected quality. Our traceability system and butter equipped with barcodes ensure any internal quality issues can be investigated efficiently and improved immediately to the satisfaction of our clients.

4. Social Responsibility

Another trademark of the company is Social Responsibility. Fair, equitable, ethical trade is one of the many advantages of purchasing from StarShea. Reasonable consumer pricing still ensures proper compensation for the women in our network. The all-natural product helps to soften skin and provides health benefits. Through ethical trade we are able to transforms the lives of Ghanaian women though improving food security and economic opportunities. This creates a large impact on Ghanaian women as well as their families and communities!

Women Empowerment
Women in the StarShea network are given the opportunity to take charge of their lives and achieve a higher standard of living for themselves and their families. They are given access to healthcare and social funds, greatly decreasing a number of risks in their economic situations. Each woman’s stable income facilitates payment of the premium of the NHIS (National Health Insurance Scheme) through an innovative credit program. An awareness campaign educates communities on how best to involve women in household decision making and also protects women’s economic and human rights.

Access to Finance
All women of the Network created through the PlaNet Finance-SAP project have access to group or individual credit through two microfinance institutions (both non-profit organizations), Grameen Ghana and Maata-N-Tudu. Thanks to these financial services, the women are able to invest in quality processing equipment (tarpaulins, grinding mills, jute sacks, etc.) Also protective clothing (boots, raincoats, gloves) to support their business activities. This new access to finance helps women and families in the Northern Regions of Ghana cope with the lean season.

The groups involved in Fair Trade certification are committed to follow strong social policy, and specific internal rules

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