StarShea Ltd


The 4 commitments of StarShea:
– Offering industrial quantities of Shea nuts and butter.
– Marketing high quality, 100% natural products.
– Providing a comprehensive system of traceability for all woman suppliers
– Acting with social responsibility.

Purchase High-Quality Traceable Shea Products in Economic Quantities Directly from Rural Women of Ghana.
Read the StarShea brochure and learn how to buy responsibly and invest in a high-quality 100% natural product.

StarShea Ltd. is dedicated to commercializing the Shea nuts and butter produced by the women of the StarShea network. Launched in June 2012, as a social business, StarShea Ltd. aimed to achieve sustainable access to direct markets for these women in order to increase their revenue. The growth target is to reach 30,000 associated women by 2017.

The creation of the company was facilitated by its founders PlaNet Finance, which provided equity financing and SAP, which provides financing through an interest-free loan. On break-even, part of the ownership of the company will be transferred to the women, to create ownership and economic development to the women of the StarShea network.

StarShea Ltd. is committed to operating under the seven principles defined by Professor Yunus:

1. Business objective will be to overcome poverty, or one or more problems (such as education, health, technology access, and environment) which threaten people and society; not profit maximization.
2. Financial and economic sustainability.
3. Investors get back their investment amount only – no dividend is given beyond investment money.
4. When investment amount is paid back, company profit stays with the company for expansion and improvement (includes the possibility to invest profits in similar projects, such as value-chain related social business joint ventures in Ghana or in neighboring countries)
5. Environmentally conscious
6. Workforce gets market wage with better working conditions
7. …Do it with joy

StarShea is also an important and active member of two inter-professional organisations:
– The Global Shea Alliance: Established in 2011, the Global Shea Alliance is a non-profit industry association headquartered in Accra, Ghana. It currently has 350 members from 25 different countries. Its membership includes women’s groups, small businesses, suppliers, international food brands, cosmetics brands, retailers, and non-profit organizations.

The Global Shea Alliance’s mission is to design, develop, and deliver strategies that drive a competitive and sustainable Shea industry worldwide, improving the livelihoods of rural African women and their communities involved in the Shea Industry

Anna Perinic, SSL CEO, is also chairwoman of the sustainability committee of the Global Shea Alliance.

– The Shea Network Ghana: Shea Network Ghana (SNG), is a platform of businesses in the shea sector, stakeholders and value chain actors in Ghana came together in 2010 to provide solutions to industry wide challenges for an overall growth in a coordinated and multi-stakeholder approach. With a direct present institutional membership of 50 organizations and over 101 individual affiliates. SNG has grown from a desktop Network to an organization managing several donor projects and directly impacting rural women in Ghana.

Anna Perinic, SSL CEO, is board member of Shea Network Ghana

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